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The Material-Technical Base of OYU

Odlar Yurdu University has a seven-storied modern building with a floor area of 9000 square meters. The additional territory around the university is about 8000 square meters.

The university has modern facilities, including laboratories, computer rooms, a library which has internet connection, specialized auditoriums, medical center, canteen, etc.

The following structures are also included in the material-technical base of the university:

  • Oxygen Clinical Hospital with area of 6000 square meters
  • Medical Museum
  • Legal Clinic
  • Criminalistics Laboratory
  • Electronic test rooms
  • Computer repair center 
  • Electronic Library
  • Reading room 
  • Open sports ground
  • Indoor sports hall
  • Large conference hall
  • Small conference hall 
  • Hostel for foreign students 
  • Open air dining room
  • Indoor dining room 
  • Microbiology, immunology, and virology lab
  • Laboratory of Histology and cytology 
  • Zoology cabinet
  • Physiology cabinet
  • Anatomy cabinet 
  • Laboratory of Physics and Biophysics
  • Public Internet Center AzRENA
  • Technopark
  • Driving school