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International relations office

International relations officeInternational relations officeInternational relations office

The Office is a structure that plays a key role in the establishment and expansion of international re-lations of the university, creation of cooperation links with universities of foreign countries and in-ternational organizations. Together with other structures of the university, the Office draws main di-rections of development of international cooperation in the area of higher education and science, and ensures their realization.
The Office studies the international practices that exist in the field of education, and supervises its utilization and development. Besides, the Office maintains regular contacts with embassies and dip-lomatic representations functioning in Azerbaijan.
Odlar Yurdu University, which has chosen the path of integration into the global education system from the first days of its foundation, has been striving to use in the training process the latest inter-national technologies. In this respect, the university has signed a number of important cooperation agreements with leading higher education institutions from the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, North Cyprus and Russia.
The BBA and MBA programs are implemented (respectively, a bachelor’s and master’s degree pro-grams on Business Administration) together with universities of the USA, Europe, Turkey and Georgia.
Since September 2003, with Siegen University’s full support, a Regional German Language Center has started to function.
A close collaboration with foreign higher education institutions has enabled the university to im-prove the content and quality of its curriculum considerably.
Together with leading universities and scientific centers of the world, the university has acted as an organizer and a participant of various international conferences.
International conferences held in the cities of Siegen and Visbaden of Germany, Antalya of Turkey, Milan of Italy, Lefkoshe of North Cyprus and Barcelona of Spain, as well as in Baku.
The university puts some emphasis on foreign cooperation in its activity. Learning and application of progressive practices in teaching, creation of joint education centers, joint participation in interna-tional projects, exchanges of teachers-students, etc. have found their reflection in the agreements signed with its counterparts.
Main tasks of the Office:
  • It drafts proposals and submits them to the Scientific Council and rector of the university with a view of organizing an exchange of the university’s teachers and students in accord-ance with provisions of the Bologna declaration.
  • It establishes contacts with specialists who work at higher education institutions and re-search centers of foreign countries and assists with the spreading of their practices at Odlar Yurdu University.
  • It implements projects in various spheres, organizes “summer schools” with a view of in-creasing the effectiveness of education reforms at the university.
  • It assists with the finding of talented students and enabling them to study in different coun-tries, and in finding appropriate courses for that.
  • It arranges creative business trips for teachers to universities of foreign countries.
  • It organizes international conferences and seminars and arranges for sending delegates to similar conferences, seminars abroad.

The Office has a small staff led by vice-rector for International Relations, and includes a senior manager and a manager.

International relations officeInternational relations officeInternational relations office

Participation in the TEMPUS programs:
1. During 2009-2011, the Office participated in the project of the Network of International Relations Offices in Azerbaijan, which was specifically developed by the European Commission for the South Caucasus.
Along with Odlar Yurdu University, a number of local universities and the below-listed five European universities take part in the project:
ITALY – Genoa University
GERMANY - Siegen UniversitY
FRANCE - Nice-Sophia Antipolis University
POLAND - Bydgoszcz University Of Technology And Life Sciences
GREECE - National Technical University Of Athens
The project’s European host is University of Genoa in Italy.

2. Odlar Yurdu University has joined a 3-year TEMPUS project (2011-2014: 517340-TEMPUS-1-2011-1-IT-TEMPUS-SMGR DOCUMENTATION FOR QUALITY ASSURANCE OF STUDY PROGRAMS) - preparation of documents in the field of quality assurance of study programs. The main objective of this project is to create a documentation system in the partner countries for the quality assurance of study programs which would be consistent with the European standards and guidelines.