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Office of DSH-Regional German language courses

Office of DSH-Regional German language courses

Intensive German Language Courses to get a DSH Certificate

Graduates of the intensive German language courses, organized under the mutual cooperation agreement signed between Odlar Yurdu University and Siegen University, receive a DSH certificate (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang), which enables them to study at universities of Germany. The courses have been functioning successfully since October 2003. Over this period, more than 1000 students and businessmen/women have attended the courses. Those who had suc-cessfully passed the exams, received DSH certificates. At present, 55 students who had completed the courses, are studying at Siegen University in Germany. Participants of the courses are students who study at various universities of our republic and also businessmen/women who work in compa-nies cooperating with various corporate partners from Germany.

Participants: those students and businessmen/women who want to master the German language or to develop their knowledge of it further within a short period of time (over 18 years old)

Advantages: we give an internationally recognized certificate. DSH is recognized by all universities and high schools in Germany and Austria.
Teaching materials are in German, speaking lessons are conducted by teachers who had educated and got trained in Germany and by a German specialist, exams are conducted by Siegen University, groups are divided according to the language levels of students (12-14 students in a group), reading, writing, listening and understanding skills are developed to high level.

During the classes, all modern methods of language learning are used.
On weekends, additional conversation classes are held for students.
The DSH certificate is termless.

The course is conducted in 4 major directions:
• Reading and understanding a text
• Reading a text and answering questions
• Essay writing
• Grammar exercises


DSH exams are held twice a year (in January and June) by German experts. The DSH exam consists of 2 stages, i.e. a written and an oral one:

Students, who successfully pass the written exam, have the opportunity to sit an oral exam. To re-ceive a DSH certificate, students ought to pass both stages of the examination successfully. The DSH certificate is recognized by all universities and high schools in Germany.

The DSH certificate consists of 3 levels: it is required to collect 57-65% points to receive the DSH 1 certificate, 66-81 % points for the DSH 2 certificate, 82-100% points for the DSH 3 certificate. The DSH 2 or DSH 3 certificates are required in the majority of universities in Germany. In some uni-versities, depending on the specialties, the DSH 1 certificate may be sufficient. You should clarify all these at the universities where you had applied to.

The registration for DSH intensive German language courses are held twice a year: students who would like to start lessons in September, should be registered in April, May, June and August; stu-dents who would like to start lessons in January, should be registered in October, November, De-cember.

Course duration: 9-10 months, 5 lessons per week, duration of each lesson is 3 hours. Number of students in each group: 12-14 persons.

Tel: (+99412) 447 49 59.
Mobile: (+99450) 386 45 30; (99450) 200 66 28.
Website: http://dsh.edu.az/

Coordinators: Vafa Khalilova; Sabuhi Dadashov.