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Quality Assurance Center

Quality Assurance Center

Director: Eyvaz HUSEYNOV

The issue of quality assurance at Odlar Yurdu University is a number one priority in all aspects of the educational process. Without any financial aid from the state, OYU can develop only through the quality of education offered to students.

Until 2011, quality assurance at OYU was mainly carried out in compliance with the quality stand-ards required by the Ministry of Education as reflected in the following documents:
• The law on education of the Azerbaijan Republic, June 19, 2009.
• Resolution No 75 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic on the enactment of the state standard and programme on higher education, April 23, 2010.
• Criteria defining the compliance of an educational institution’s activity to the requirements of state standards on education. This document was enacted by Order No 656 of the Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic, April 26, 2011.

In 2010, a committee on the quality assurance of education, headed by the rector of the university, was formed at OYU. To this end, partnerships were established with universities Khazar and Qafqaz. Using the experience of these universities, a quality assurance centre was formed at OYU in early 2011.
Despite the fact that the center has a small staff, i.e. a director and an operator-programmer, various departments of OYU are actively involved in the activities of the centre. This has enabled us to strengthen the process of quality assurance at the system level. This made it possible to begin the process of evaluation of both the teachers and the students. Moreover, the experience gained over this short period of time, has allowed the university to render consultative assistance to the Medical University, to which our evaluation questionnaires were passed on.

The Mission of the Quality Assurance Center of Odlar Yurdu University is to create and devel-op a self-regulated mechanism which would ensure the implementation of high standards of the Bo-logna process and requirements of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Edu-cation at Odlar Yurdu University, as well as the quality assurance of education which would in-crease the competitiveness of the university both within Azerbaijan and internationally.

The Center of Quality Assurance in Education is a structural entity of Odlar Yurdu University and is accountable directly to the rector. The Center is set up to ensure continuous realization of the policy of improving the quality of education at Odlar Yurdu University.

In its activities, the Center is guided by the following acts:
• The law on education of the Azerbaijan Republic dated June 19, 2009. The Concept of Ed-ucation in the Azerbaijan Republic during 2009-2013;
• The standard charter of a higher education institution, approved by Resolution #9 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic, dated January 21, 2011, Appendix #1;
• Resolution #75 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic on the approval of state standards and program of higher education, dated April 23, 2010;
• Rules of accreditation of education institutions, approved by Resolution #167 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic, dated September 28, 2010;
• The criteria defining the compliance of an education institution’s activities to the require-ments of state standards on education, approved by Order #656 of the Ministry of Educa-tion of the Azerbaijan Republic, dated April 26, 2011;
• Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area. ENQA report on Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area. European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education, 2009, Helsinki, 3rd edition.);

as well as the charter of Odlar Yurdu University, decisions of the Scientific Council of the universi-ty, the rector’s orders and this statute.

For its day-to-day activities, the Center is accountable to the Commission on Measures of Quali-ty Assurance and Standards in Education. In its turn, the commission in question creates all the necessary conditions for the Center’s activities.

Main objectives:
• To evaluate the study programs and textbooks used at OYU;
• To evaluate the professional competence of teachers working at OYU;
• To evaluate the knowledge and skills of students acquired by them at OYU;
• To evaluate the teaching methodologies used at OYU.

The scope of the Center’s practical activity covers the following:
• Development of policies and strategies to ensure the quality of education at the University;
• Regular evaluation of the processes of planning, management and quality assurance;
• Preparation of proposals designed to improve the quality of education.

Within the framework of the Center’s activities, a quality assurance system is created at the University, which is a complex of normative-methodological documents stipulating the content, technologies, methods and means of the work conducted by all persons concerned, including teach-ers and students with a view of improving the quality of the education process and the professional competence of the graduates of OYU. This system is a basis for the continuous improvement of all the processes undergoing at the University, and it is envisaged for the practical realization of the University’s strategy in the area of quality assurance in education and other activities to meet the needs of all stakeholders, i.e. students, their parents, employers, the state and society at large.

Main functions:
• Development and preparation of normative documents and projects for the realization of the single system of quality assurance in education;
• Monitoring the quality and effectiveness of the teaching process;
• Development, testing and introduction of technologies for the evaluation of the learning achievements and proficiency levels of the students of OYU.

The Quality Assurance Center has the following rights to perform its activities:
• To collect the necessary information materials, to request or accept the processing of official documentation from all the entities of the University, which are required for the Center’s ac-tivities;
• To prepare and disseminate among the departments of the University the information mate-rials (including their editions) related to the Center’s profile of activity, to organize regular seminars along with the realization of educational activity and teaching goals;
• To organize and implement the planned measures directed towards the realization of the au-diting and supervisory functions of the Center; to give recommendations about the results of taken measures and to control their implementation; to evaluate the quality of education pro-cess, as well as the quality of the teachers’ activities, carried out by them within the authority granted to the same;
• To attract the University’s personnel and teachers, as well as to form groups of innovators and experts, within the authorities granted to the Center, in cases when special decisions or solutions may be required in order to resolve various issues;
• To prepare normative, technical-organizational and other documents for the quality assurance system of the University, and to organize their preliminary discussions;
• To initiate across the University the realization of measures, which will suit the profile of ac-tivities of the Center;
• To discuss with the University leadership recommendations and proposals, which would en-sure the improvement of the Center’s and the University’s performances;
• To establish, within the Center’s authority, business relations with other universities on issues related to the quality assurance in education.

The task for the near future is to establish a mechanism for the evaluation process at all levels based on the university’s website. In this regard, Odlar Yurdu University needs technolo-gies/methods for the evaluation of study programs which we are intending to implement the coming year. From this perspective, participation in the program DoQuP Project 517340-TEMPUS-1-2011-1-IT-SMGR is vital for OYU in order to solve the important task of ensuring the quality of educa-tion in general. Our expectations from the project are to learn how to use web resources for the eval-uation of study programs, their modernity and relevance.
To assist the students in the process of education at the university, a separate supervision system, curatorship, has been created. This system allows to assist the students both in the process of acquiring knowledge and skills, as well as in solving various issues that have an impact on the quality of education in a timely manner.
The Quality Assurance Center had done the following work over the past period:
- An anonymous survey was conducted among the students and teachers, in order to establish the system of quality assurance at the University and to ensure its effective management.
- It was closely involved in the conclusion of an alliance agreement between OYU, Khazar University and Azerbaijan State Agrarian University.
- It took an active part in the development of a model of Two-year Community College adapted to the conditions of Azerbaijan.
- It created a Language Learning Center and an English language-learning course at OYU in the form of a "Conversation Club".
- It conducted a written test among students in order to check the level of their knowledge of English.
- On the eve of mid-term examinations, it carried out the review of synopsises in all subjects and discussed the results with all relevant departments and divisions.
- It attended the examination sessions of Master's degree and MBA students as a member of the supervisory commission.

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