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OYU’s Clinical hospital “Oksigen”

OYU’s  Clinical hospital “Oksigen”

Multi-purpose clinic-hospital "Oksigen" is part of the university and serves as the main base for the practice of students of the Medical School/Faculty.
The hospital’s specially designed diagnostic rooms and doctors’ consulting rooms are large, high, light, and are compliant with all modern standards. The wards have all necessary conditions for quick rehabilitation of patients’ health.
On the first floor, is a large hall to receive patients, a reception, a room for analyses, diagnostic cabinets of – X-ray, computer tomography.
On the second floor, are laboratory departments needed for all kinds of examination, special X-ray appliances and a dental cabinet provided with modern equipment, and surgery, genecology, gastroenterology, allergology, pulmonology, dermatology cabinets.
On the third floor, are mainly diagnostic cabinets of functional cardiology; ECG, color Doppler-Echocardiography, constant load (treadmill) testing, cabinets for ECG (holter) for continuously monitoring various electrical activity of the central nervous system, blood pressure and pulse for at least 24 hours, colonoscopy, gastroscopy, traumatology, orthopedics, rheumatology cabinets.
Heart-vascular system, dental-maxillary system, treatment of bone-joint diseases, rehabilitation, physical culture as well ozonotherapy and plasmapheresis are maintained in the physiotherapy department provided with treatment apparatus and is located on the fourth floor.
An inpatient department is on the fifth floor. The wards are considered for 1 and 2 persons. They are supplied with all necessary control and intensive treatment installations; each ward is provided with bath cabinets, satellite televisions, conditioner, telephone, and special buttons for nurse and doctor call. Thus, during the treatment period, the activity of patient’s cardiac vessel system (arterial pressure, pulse) and respiratory system (supply bloods with oxygen) is regularly controlled.
Surgery and reanimation rooms are based on the sixth floor. The operation board is provided with modern facilities. The surgery room is composed of 4 operation boards. The surgery room is pro-vided with endoscopic medical equipment.

Below are the clinical departments of the university located in “Oksigen” clinical hospital

1. Surgical diseases
2. Internal diseases
3. Beam radiation therapy and diagnostics
4. Family medicine
5. Children's diseases
6. Reanimation and intensive therapy
7. Pediatric surgery
8. General surgery
9. Traumatology and Orthopedics
10. Ophthalmology
11. LOR/ Otolaryngology
12. Neurosurgery
13. Urology
14. Skin-venereal diseases
15. Obstetrics-gynecology
16. Stomatology
17. Neurological diseases
18. Therapeutic physical training and medical supervision