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The Department of Biological and Ecological Sciences

The Department of Biological and Ecological Sciences
Head of the department: Prof. Konul ZEYNALLI, Doctor of Sciences in Biology.

Over 30 subjects are taught at the Department of Biological and Ecological Sciences in order to train specialists majoring in the fields of “Biology teaching” and “Environmental engineering” on a bachelor’s and master’s levels.

The subjects taught by the Department of Biological and Ecological Sciences are:
1. Botany
2. Zoology
3. Entomology
4. Plant physiology
5. Methods of Teaching Biology
6. The flora of Azerbaijan
7. Basics of biotechnology
8. Biology of individual development
9. The fauna of Azerbaijan
10. Age physiology
11. Ecology and nature use Fotosintez
12. Environmental monitoring
13. Foundations of ecological expertise and projects
14. Wasteless or low-waste production process
15. Environmental engineering
16. Complex use of water resources
17. Applied Ecology
18. Technosystems and environmental risk
19. Radiation ecology
20. Social and demographic ecology
21. Ecology of populations
22. Plant ecology
23. Human ecology
24. Terrestrial ecosystems
25. Industrial ecology
26. Experimental Ecology
27. environmental biotechnology
28. Environment (general)
29. Teaching experience of ecology
30. Production experience of ecology
31. Teaching experience
32. Field experience of biology
33. Experience of teaching biology
34. Methodological problems of the teaching of biology (master’s level)
35. The history and development of teaching methods of biology (master’s level)
36. The organization of biology cabinet and laboratories (master’s level)
37. Extracurricular learning and independent work in the study of Biology (master’s level)
38. Methods of teaching biological subjects (master’s level)
39. Methodology of scientific creativity (master’s level)
40. Research experience (master’s level)

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