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The Department of Mathematics, computer and technical sciences

The Department of Mathematics, computer and technical sciences
Head of the department: Prof. Ahmed VALIYEV, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.
Deputy head of the department: Prof. Alekper MEHDIYEV.

The faculty of the department delivers 67 subjects at the bachelor’s level and 15 subjects at the master’s level.
The university has all the facilities for the training of specialists majoring in “Computer engineer-ing”, “Mathematics and information science teaching”, “Oil-gas engineering”. The faculty mainly consists of professors and teachers who are specialists with many years of experience in these fields and are well-known both within the republic and abroad.

Depending on the areas of majoring, the following subjects are taught by the department:

“Mathematics and information science teaching”
• Mathematical analysis
• Geometry
• Algebra
• Information science
• Physics
• Differential equations
• Discreet mathematics and mathematical logic
• Theory of probability and mathematical statistcs
• Elementary mathematics
• Information-communication technologies in education
• Operational systems
• Methods of teaching information science
• Methods of teaching mathematics
• Databases
• Computer graphics
• Information security and confidentiality
• Research of operations and theory of games
• Artificial intellect and expert systems
• Theory of distinction schemata
• Theory of algorithms
• Web-programming

“Computer engineering”:
• Higher mathematics
• Physics
• Introduction to computer engineering and computation
• Electrical engineering and electronics
• Program languages and information science
• Modern engineering mathematics
• Structure of data and database system
• System programming
• Digital systems
• Differential equations
• Operational system
• Application of operations
• Theory of formal languages and automations
• Management systems
• Processing of signals in computer engineering
• System simulation
• Structure of computers and technologies
• Basics of program engineering and designing
• Computer schematics and micro-processor systems
• Theory of artificial intellect
• Neural networks
• Fuzzy systems
• Mathematical modeling
• Computer networks
• Technology of information processing
• System analysis and design
• Intellectual systems
• Internet technologies
• Analysis of images
• Web-programming

“Oil-gas engineering”:
• Higher mathematics
• Physics
• Engineering and machine graphics
• Information science in oil-gas production
• Theoretical mechanics
• Applied mechanics
• Hydraulics
• Underground hydraulics
• Physics of oil-gas strata
• Thermodynamics of liquids and gases
• Protection of labor and environment
• Mathematical theory of practice in oil-gas extraction
• Technology and technics of drilling oil-gas wells
• Completion of oil-gas wells
• Technology of extracting oil and gas through a well
• Development of oil-gas fields
• Hydraulic machines and hydraulic integrals
• Machine parts and lifting machines
• Electrical supply of oil-gas industry
• Underground mining works
• Capital maintenance of wells
• Geophysical research methods of wells and strata
• Hydrodynamic research of oil-gas wells
• Oil-gas production equipment
• Technics and technology of drilling sloping and horisontal wells
• Methods for increasing the productivity of oil-gas wells
• Designing the construction of oil-gas wells
• Automation of processes of oil-gas production