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Center For Additional Education and Curriculum

Center For Additional Education and Curriculum• The main purpose of the center`s activity is to collect information about the current status of additional education and curriculum in the republic, analizing it, to put forward proposals in order to improve the situation, to forecast short-term and strategic plans in the development of the important processes of additional education and curriculum system, to develop a mechanism for the provision of educational services in this area, to conduct research works in connection with the determination and evaluation of management effectiveness, to ensure the execution of tasks within the university.
• The main content of the Center`s work is to identify main directions for increasing the level of post-diploma education in accordance with the application of working mechanisms developed on the basis of analyses of the problems related with the study of education reform problems in the country.
• The Center functions in conjunction with the other university departments and offices.
• The Center operates in accordance with a plan (contract) which was prepared on the basis of the perspective work plan of the university and approved by the rector. It gives regular reports to OYU`s leadership.